Welcome. It’s blooming good to see you.

I’m Janine, a marketer and researcher with over 12 years’ experience, providing business support to individuals and organisations both locally and nationally.

How can I help?


  • Janine transformed our newsletter into a far more professional and engaging publication. Bursting with sensible and practical ideas she has made valuable contributions across our organisation. She’s taken great care to understand and edit technical medical articles without introducing over-simplifications or changing the meaning. She is thoughtful, articulate and hard working.

  • Whoever has the good fortune to work with Janine will find that she brings not only a diligent, attentive approach to her responsibilities but also a cheerfulness and good humour to balance. She has a keen interest in stimulating work. Janine has proved to be an excellent researcher in a wide range of subjects with a quick ability to absorb new material, and to question. She also has a firm side enabling her to stand her ground and manage difficult situations. She has the assurance to rearrange presentations to best effect while always checking for correctness if in doubt. I have worked with Janine in Cumbria for several years and can highly recommend her. Her enthusiasm and balanced approach make working with her a delight.

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Janine John of Blooming Good Communications on a number of marketing and research projects, which has hugely assisted us to attract new clients and help grow our business. Janine has been very helpful and flexible, providing good options and costs at every stage, and has helped us to set up and relaunch our social media channels and review a number of our written communications in line with our branding. Janine is exceptionally professional and thorough, providing guidance on how to achieve our aims within the latest laws and regulations. We look forward to working with Janine on other projects in the future.

  • Janine has been invaluable in helping us create content for our blog. Writing on a range of topics relevant to our company, she is also able to return with suggestions to improve the content. Her final work is always to a high standard, providing blog posts that are interesting and helpful to our website users but that also benefit our SEO. Janine is a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.