Writer’s block? 12 blog content ideas to get you back on track

Writer's block? 12 blog ideas to get you back on trackYou’ve been blogging for a few weeks now and things have been going well – or so you thought. All of a sudden though, the flow of ideas begins to run out. Now what do you do?

Don’t panic – you just need to be able to look afresh at your subject and find some new angles from which to approach it.

Here are some ideas for ways to come up with new content, or to tackle your specialist subject in a different way:

  1. Create a list of five or ten top tips on something that will interest your reader.
  2. Put together a ‘how-to’ guide for a practical task your audience may need to complete. Alternatively, turn this idea around and produce a list of ‘the biggest mistakes people make’ when undertaking such a task.
  3. Is there an awareness or ‘national’ day coming up that is relevant to your business? If so, why not discuss this in an article for your blog?
  4. Summarise some interesting but less well known facts about a service or product you provide.
  5. Review a book or product relevant to the service or products you supply.
  6. Discuss a relevant change in law or legislation, and the likely implications of this for your reader.
  7. Write a case study about how you solved a problem for a client – if they agree to be named,it’s great coverage for your client too.
  8. Take notes next time you go to an industry seminar and summarise the best points for your readers (remember to credit the speakers appropriately).
  9. Answer a question that is regularly asked by clients in your industry.
  10. Respond to a relevant news item by sharing your own opinion.
  11. Interview an expert or ‘celebrity’ in your field.
  12. Make recommendations relevant to your audience (e.g. the 10 best websites on [subject], the best 10 places to see [subject]).

As you start to get back into the flow of generating ideas, write down as many content ideas as you can, while you can. Removing the pressure of finding ideas at the last minute will make content writing more of a pleasure, and less of a challenge, in the future.

How do you generate new ideas for blog posts? If you’ve found a winning strategy, why not share it with others reading this blog by leaving a comment below.

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One Response to Writer’s block? 12 blog content ideas to get you back on track

  1. Janine
    Janine June 24, 2016 at 1:12 pm #

    It’s very rare that you’ll have nothing new to say about your business, but it can be difficult to distance yourself and put yourself in your reader’s shoes – I hope some of these ideas will help you do that, but if you think you might benefit from the occasional brainstorming session, do get in touch for a free initial chat.