Strategy and brainstorming

Without a content strategy in place, you could be investing a significant amount of time and money into creating content that won’t deliver results. Plus, short of content inspiration? No problem – I can help you come up with fresh ideas…

Content may not work for any number of reasons:

  • The content wasn’t created with the audience’s needs in mind,
  • The customer journey was poorly understood,
  • SEO wasn’t considered,
  • The content wasn’t promoted effectively once it was created.

Very often it’s the small things that are overlooked but which are so vital in creating a return on your investment.

Brainstorming for content strategy

I can talk you through the things to consider when putting together a strategy, and help you brainstorm fresh ideas for content. Then if you want to produce the content yourself, we can meet on an occasional basis to review and refine your ongoing content marketing activities.

If you think you need to be creating content and need help with a strategy, or you feel you know your business too well and need a fresh outside perspective, get in touch to explore how we could work together.