How often should I share my blog posts to social media?

BloggingYou’ve written your blog post and shared it on each of your social media channels. Job done. Or is it?

Whilst it may feel like a huge accomplishment to have finished a blog post for your business, the work really shouldn’t stop there. As a rough guide, I would estimate you should spend 50 percent of your allotted blogging time writing the post, and a further 50 promoting it. This also shouldn’t be a job you do all in one go unless you set social media posts in advance using a tool such as Hootsuite.

It took me some time to find definitive advice on just how often we should share blog posts on social media, and for how long. You don’t want to be a complete pain in the neck by sharing the same information at every hour of the day and filling up your followers’ timelines, but at the same time, there’s a lot of noise out there on social media, and what you share can easily get lost amongst many other messages.

How long you share a post for really depends on whether your topic is time-specific (i.e. tied to a certain event such as a launch) or evergreen (e.g. a ’10 tips for…’ article that never really goes out of date). If your blog post has a short shelf life, then you’ll clearly want to make the most of it. I regularly see evergreen content shared months and even years later – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as it’s clearly relevant and adds value to your audience.

Kissmetrics has an excellent guide to how often you should share your blog post content on different platforms. The gist of it is that you should be posting much more frequently on Twitter than on Facebook and Google+:

  • Twitter – posting on publishing, two hours later, next day, at one week, at one month, and again at two months
  • Facebook – posting on publishing, at one month
  • Google+ – posting on publishing, at one week, at one month

They’ve also put together a really useful diagram to help you visualise this, though you should always adapt such guidance to your own organisation and audience.

The most valuable advice given here by Kissmetrics is that you should get to know each of the social networks on which you have a presence, and observe how others use them. Then think logically, ‘would this offend me or would I class it as spam?’. As with so many decisions in marketing and communications, it’s a question of understanding your audience.

There are also many other networks on the internet for sharing your blog posts. If your posts are particularly visual in nature, you may consider sharing your images on Pinterest. I find it most effective to share one image at a time, perhaps every day or every few days, rather than to put all my images on at once.

What do you find really works for you when it comes to sharing your blog content on social media? Let us know (the good and the bad!) by leaving a comment below.

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One Response to How often should I share my blog posts to social media?

  1. Janine
    Janine June 24, 2016 at 2:10 pm #

    The best way to answer questions such as the one in this blog post is to observe how others in your industry (such as customers and competitors) behave on each social media platform. No amount of guidance can replace understanding the behaviour and expectations of those within the online space in which you plan to communicate. Listen in before taking the plunge, and keep listening!