Making the most of your blog post investment

Making the most of your blog post investmentI love working with businesses and organisations to create blog posts for their website or blog. The time taken to write a blog is an investment like any other, and it can be tempting to think that once a post is published there is no more to do.

If you’re hiring a blogger to create content for you, here are a few simple things you can be doing to make the most of your investment:

  • Share the new post on all social media channels appropriate to your situation and organisation (e.g. Twitter, Google+, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile and/or company page updates). It’s amazing how many people forget to do this.
  • Remember to share content repeatedly at different times and using a slightly different focus each time to appeal to different types of reader. I wrote an article towards the end of last year that looked at how often it is appropriate to share blog content on each of the social media channels. Again, many people only share once when the post is first published.
  • Include the Twitter handles of people involved in the blog post, but be careful not to become annoying or spammy. Similar notifications/mentions can be made on other social networks.
  • Make it easy for readers on your blog to share your images on Pinterest (perhaps using a plugin) and share your images yourself in your Pinterest feed.
  • Invite comments and remember to respond to them (or make sure your blogger is doing so as part of the package).
  • Write to anyone mentioned or featured in the post and invite them to share the article with their own clients or followers (if they’re really interested they might include a link in their upcoming newsletter, which could be going to hundreds of their followers).
  • Make sure your e-newsletter editor knows to include a link to the post in their next mailout.
  • Check the analytics so you can work out what content style and subject matter to create in future.

There’s nothing worse than seeing good content hidden away because nobody knows it’s there. Don’t expect people to just find it. The key is to ask, ‘who is the content for?’, and plan out how you are going to let them know.

What other methods do you use to let your audience know about your content? What do you find works best for you?

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One Response to Making the most of your blog post investment

  1. Janine
    Janine June 24, 2016 at 2:05 pm #

    Publicising your content may seem an overwhelming task at first, with seemingly little return. The trick is to keep going – things become much less of an effort as they become more routine, and you’ll be amazed at who responds when you least expect it!