Editing and proof-reading

Editing and proof-reading of web content

Why invest time and money in using an editor or proof-reader?

Have you ever read an authoritative piece in your subject area (e.g. a white paper), only to be disappointed by the number of typos, errors and obvious grammatical mistakes it contained? If you’re publishing web content, the odd mistake might be forgiven by your audience, but it can damage your credibility and be very distracting for the reader if your writing is continually disjointed and contains errors and contradictions.

Also, what about the usability of your after-sales material? Does the structure of your documentation make life easy for your reader, or are they likely to give up and contact you, at considerable cost to your business?

I provide editing and proof-reading on a number of different levels. This might include reading for basic errors in spelling and grammar, or more substantial editing for sense and structure.