Environmental and sustainability communication

Resource depletion. Food, water and energy security. Climate change. The reform of our monetary systems. Related social issues. These subjects are becoming more and more important, as is how we talk about them.

I have been researching the highly interconnected issues of sustainability since 2009, and produced a piece of original academic research on climate change communication for my MA dissertation, for which I achieved a distinction. For my study I analysed the visual imagery used by Marks and Spencer in their online communications about their sustainability programme, Plan A. The communication of environmental issues is an important and cutting-edge area of research, because it has been found that how we communicate about issues such as climate change, through words and images, cannot be separated from how we conceptualise them in our minds. This has significant implications for society and policy making. I understand the complexities of communicating about sustainability, issue framing and behaviour change, and combining this knowledge with my other skills, find it very rewarding to work on educational projects or communications to promote positive change.

If your organisation communicates about environmental issues, and my understanding of this subject would benefit your work, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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