Tone of voice

What is your organisation’s tone of voice? Cheeky but polite? Witty and controversial? Professional but human? Warm and inclusive? Not sure?

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware that brand is not only about visual imagery and graphic design. The style, tone and characteristic wording used by an organisation – otherwise known as ‘tone of voice’ – is also critical in conveying the character of your brand. It is important that your tone of voice remains consistent throughout your communications, whoever they are written by, e.g.:

  • Advertising and leaflets by marketing staff
  • Terms and conditions by the legal department
  • Blog and social media posts by the people charged with writing them
  • Web content produced by the web editor
  • Client invoices and reminders by the accounts department

Inconsistency within and between your communications leads to confusion and distrust amongst your target audience, often with negative outcomes.

If your organisation hasn’t yet defined a tone of voice for its brand, I can work on this with you, creating tangible and practical guidelines for inhouse staff and for the use of future freelance writers.